I don’t charge an hourly rate, since it’s always difficult to predict the amount of time that goes into completing a project. My rates are designed to keep costs predictable for you without any surprises at the conclusion of a project.

I charge $10 (£6.95 or $14 AUD) per 100 words for blog posts and articles. All of the blog posts and articles I supply come with stock photos from ShutterStock (a $10 value). If you’re interested in landing page or website content, please contact me and I’ll provide a price for your project.

In certain cases, such as when a topic requires a great deal of original research, I may need to charge slightly more than the above rate due to the additional time involved in completing the order.

For blog posts and articles, I have a 1,000 word minimum order. Order more than 25,000 words worth of blog posts or articles at once and you’ll receive a 20% discount.

All projects are paid via PayPal.