My Work

I write engaging, interesting and useful content that gets your business noticed.

As a writer, my goal¬†is to help your company achieve its objectives through content, whether you want to increase your website’s traffic, generate leads, attract media attention or sell products.

Some examples of work I’ve written recently:

Landing Page Examples: 8 Great Landing Pages to Inspire You

Objective: Promote and sell web design and landing page optimization courses.

This blog post is one of several hundred I contributed to Udemy as part of developing their blog in 2014. The post is both informational and action-focused,¬†designed to lead users towards relevant free and paid courses on Udemy’s online learning platform.

Skills for Success: 7 Skills You Need to Lead

Objective: Promote and sell personal development and confidence courses.

This blog post is another example from the Udemy blog. It was one of the company’s top performing blog posts during the period it was published, driving traffic and sales to Udemy’s personal development courses.

A Guide to Yahoo Auctions Japan, My Favorite Place to Buy Used Brand Name Shoes

Objective: Inform users about Yahoo Auctions Japan as a used clothing marketplace.

This blog post is an example of content written for one of my own properties. Since it was published, it reached #1 on Reddit’s r/MaleFashionAdvice and r/GoodyearWelt subreddits and achieved more than 12,000 unique sessions in the first 24 hours after going live.