Hi, I’m Nick Gibson.

I’m a freelance copywriter for leading technology companies, marketing agencies and media manipulators.

I take a different approach than most freelance writers. Instead of taking on project after project, I work closely with a select few clients to create copy and blog content that helps you achieve your goals: more traffic, more attentionmore customers and more sales.

Since 2009, my blog posts, landing pages and articles have received millions of impressions and produced tens of thousands of leads for my clients.

“The level of respect I have for Nick’s writing is so great that I regularly put the content he produces for me in front of millions of readers without any sort of proofreading. That should tell you something!”

Mathew Carpenter, Founder of Ship Your Enemies Glitter

I can write all kinds of content, from landing page copy to FAQs. However, I specialize in writing engaging blog posts and articles that attract attention and perform very well on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as communities like Reddit and Product Hunt.

My articles have reached the front page of major subreddits with millions of of users. They’ve also been picked up by the mainstream media and generated massive amounts of valuable publicity for my clients. I’ve also written sales-focused on-site content that has driven tens of thousands of profitable leads and sales.

No matter how big or small your project might be, I’m here to craft the content you need to attract attention, generate press coverage, build links, make sales and achieve your goals.

Would you like to work together? Read more about how I’ve helped my clients and view my pricing. I can get started on your project as soon as you’re ready or help you form a content strategy over Skype, on the phone or by email.

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